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About Fredfades

Fredfades is a 20 year old graphic designer from Oslo, DJing, making beats and collecting records as a hobby.

Fredfades is a proud member of the Goodshit crew, which is a radio/club DJ crew consisting of (Host/DJ) Don Martin, (DJ) Taus & (DJ) Fredfades. They´re broadcasting on FM 99,3 every monday from nine to eleven in the evening. Every second monday is live from their club concept in Oslo, residencing at Skuret in Christian Kroghsgt. When fredfades is doing radioshows from home, it´s usally done with beat collaborator Deck Daddy. They´re trying to the shows as interesting as possible, playing mashups, remixes, instrumentals, original samples and breaks, and they also have their own “soundsystem”, which means they´re using samplers to trig of mad sounds, voices, promotions etc, just for the hype of it. For those of you who do not live in the Oslo area, you can check out or you can use their podcast adress which is . The podcast includes lots of stuff that the regular listeners doesn´t get to hear aswell. Guest mixtapes, interviews and so on.

February 2007, fredfades released his first “official” record, which is a vinyl EP made with Cali based rapper Blame One, from old Mystery´s Extinction. The format of the EP is a 7″ record, but it´s playing in 33 rpm instead of 45, which gave him the possibility to make more music on a 7″ record than what we are used to. It consist of four tracks, which is made out of six different beats, and two of the tracks has raps on them. On one of the tracks are Blame Ones cousin Beleaf, and this is actually Beleafs first verse on vinyl. All the beats on the EP are sample bas, as fredfades is such a sample maniac, but he is playing some keyboards on the “Track Charmer” track aswell. That track was co-produced by beat mate Deck Daddy.

He is also a very serious recordcollector, over two thousand records deep, and most of the records are hiphop, jazz and psychedelic music, all originals, no reissues.