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The Peace Mix.

July 7th, 2008 Posted in 45s, Braex, Fredfades, Funk/Soul, Jazz/Fusion, Library/Ost, Mixes, Psych/Prog


So, thisisit. Ive been buying lots of records recently, especially fleamarket shit since I’ve had lot of time lately as I am done with school. Anyhow, I thought it would be nice to do a mix of em before I get too much records to fit it all in the same mix. I figured out that would be a good reason to update the blog too. The mix is based on records I found in Oslo between May and July, but most of the stuff, I´ve found these last two weeks. I’ve pretty much been flipping every single box of records in every single store in town these last two weeks. I’ve included a couple of old records plus some shit I’ve got from trades also to get a one hour long mix. All I gotta say is: People are sleepin. I know Eirik (Deck) agrees to, as he has found some heat recently too. I went to a recordshow this saturday two, but I only got a couple of 45s. One of them are included in the mix. I just threw the whole mix together live, and compressed the shit out of it. I’m only playing one track from each record. Here u go.

The stuff in here is a mix of late 60s and early 70s jazz, jazzfunk, fusion, soul, psych, prog, bossa and soundtrack stuff from US, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Spain +++.

Here is the link to the mp3 file:
(The file is 89,2 MB, but got mad soundquality.)

I wont post any tracklist, as the tracklist thing is kinda against my political views of diggin, but if youre really interested in knowing what one of the tracks are or something, write a comment with a question about whats playing in which time 00:00:00 in the mix.

SPSHIT VOLUME TWO UP SOON! (I just gotta finish up the artwork).



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