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Fredfades, Deck Daddy & Twisted Artistics – Bathroom Raps

April 8th, 2008 Posted in Exclusive, Fredfades, Hiphop

The setup at the O.P. bathroom.

So, me & E had our good friend Twisted Artistics up in Oslo this weekend, staying at E’s house. We made lots of good food and four beats at one night. And at the end of the night, T.A. picked the one beat he preferred and we made a track out of it. We recorded it in my bathroom to get a nice little low reverb to it, fuck a digital computer program reverb. Since i don’t have a pop filter or anything, we just threw one of my wifebeaters over it. In fact, we first tried with a regular sports sock around the mic, but the wifebeater sounded better. And it’s better for the MC, as the sock may be a little too funky. E and Tor Øystein (Twisted Artistics) mixed the whole shit in 30 minutes when i was picking up my GF downtown.

The whole beat was done and mixed inside the MPC 2000XL.

I think it sounds cool.

Here you go:

Twisted Artistics, Fredfades & Deck Daddy – Bathroom Sessions Vol.1

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