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July 20th, 2010 Posted in Beats, Blends/Remixes, Exclusive, Fredfades, Hiphop, News, Private, Uncategorized

Bilde tatt 20.07.2010 kl. 12.51

Aight, as you can see. Im having my breakfast here. Just figured out that I actually have a blog I barely use anymore.. Wanna start posting pictures, mixes & remixes here again! Made a remix yesterday and thought it would be dope to put it on the page.. The remix is from a Street Smartz 12″.. The tracks on the twelve is “Problemz” and “Metal Thangz feat. OC & Pharoahe Monch” . Solid ass 12″, both tracks have dirty clean inst acap… “Problemz” is my favourite from the 12″ and was originally produced by Buckwild of the legendary D.I.T.C. Crew. One of my favourite beats ever. Props to Buckwild! Check out the lyrics here to, amazing, honest, rowdy shit. Dig it! I don’t think dudes ever got laid once after this track was released. Hah. The b-side is produced by OGEE.. I might have to remix that joint later on aswell. The twelve was released in 1996 on Tru Criminal Records.. The beat I did is horns & bassline from the same song. Hi filtered horns & lowpassed guitars, layered on top of each other. Rare european proggy jazzfunk record. One of my favourite records ever. Found it here in Oslo for 20 NOK.  I will give a free hardcopy of my latest mixtape + a free Oslo SP Ensemble vinyl to any dude who can guess what the sample is.. I did the keys in the hook aswell… Nord lead.. I also did backup raps through the whole track myself and did a new layer of myself rapping the hook. Filtered and tremoloed so my hi pitch voice dont stick out too much.. Hah! I also added a bonus beat at the end.. Same MPC program.. Same drums, different sample + a new bassline. Webster Lewis rhodes chords, chopped & pitched down.

I’ve been meaning to post two new mixes here, but I gotta do some cover art for one of them first.. I will post the other one before I leave to US on vacation. I swear.

Ayeah, here´s the remix:


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