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OSLO SP ENSEMBLE on PROD. IN NORWAY #2 LP (finally out!!).

May 31st, 2010 Posted in Beats, Exclusive, Fredfades, Hiphop, News, SP1200


There we go, the vinyl is finally out!!! You can get it digital, and you can get it on iTunes. Whatever that fits you! I also got vinyls for sale.. Anyways, here’s the description of the tracks I’ve been giving earlier:

Oslo SP Ensemble’s featured part on Plastic Strip’s “Produced In Norway Vol. 2″ compilation. Last year they put out volume one which had J. Ramm, Kolon (Intact & FLG), Nutsons & Clark Flavour on it. This time it has Oslo SP Ensemble, Emile The Duke, Bazis (Hei Baktus) & Necessary on it. The whole concept on these compilations is 4 featured artists/groups with one side each. A, B, C, D. I’m happy that our part ended up to be the A-side.

Here’s a little something, something about the music on our side:

Our side is 11 tracks long, which means that it is more variated than the other sides. We only have two tracks with vocals on them, from our homeboys Dreamon & Ivy League. The rest is instro’s for all fellow beatnerds out there. The set kicks off with a beat called NY Express, made on the SP late 2009 out of a turkish prog rock record, tight drums, steady percussion and a bassline. Right after that beat there’s also a 10-15 second long beat not featured in the tracklist, so there’s actually 12 beats on our side I just figured out. Track number two is a track from our good friend Dreamon, one of the youngest and dopest rappers to come outta Norway. The track is about his view on the current rap scene in Norway. The beat was made on the SP during the autumn of 2009. Right after his track, “Egbalude” drops in, which was actually produced on the same day as Dreamon/Anthony’s track. It’s a nice short beat, made out of a scandinavian fusion record, with a drumbreak we made out of open drum hits taken from different parts off a psych rock track that does’nt even have a drumbreak or drum solo!!! We also added some live percussion and a bassline to it to make it more dynamic. Next up is “Look In The Sky”, which is our favourite rockstar joint, haha. Psych / pop-psych collectors might recognize the samples for this one. It’s kinda hard thou, cause we sampled a guitar solo off a rock tune and splitted the L/R sides and picked out the side that ONLY had the reverb for the solo, so the guitars are’nt really coming through, but you can hear them in the background. We played loads of stuff on this one by ourselves, including the organ, percussion, drums and the bassline. Only stuff sampled is the guitars. So, after the rockstar joint we have a nice and mellow track called “You Know, You Know”, made on the SP, in the spring/summer of 2009. This beat has the dopest bass pattern on the whole record, no doubt. The snare is hard as hell too. Track number six is “Brooklyn (You Showed Me)” from 2008, made on the MPC2000XL. If you ever figure out what the sample for this one is, PLEASE call me, and I’ll hook you up with some free vinyls & mix CDs. The beat was originally used on Dreamon/Anthony’s free online album from 2008 or 2009 (can’t remember). Only thing we did before we put it on the set was to add a synthesizer solo after the 2nd hook. Me and Deckdaddy is playing each our solo on top of each others. Sounds funny, in a good way thou. After this instro, we have a newer MPC beat with Ivy League on top of it.. This one was done early December, 2009. The bassguitars is from a library record I bought out of Jester’s trunk around October 2009. All drums & synthesizers we played ourselves.. And of course that’s the “Mountain” drums in the back ground (LOUDER!). I’ve been showing this track to alot of my friends, and everyone says that this is their favourite Ivy League track. I totally agree. And for the record, he does not give a shout out to T-Pain on the outro of the track. It’s a shout out to T Pang, which is a friend of him from Stavanger in Norway. After Ivy League’s “Ray Gun”, we have a beat made back in ‘07 on the SP. Nice mellow piano beat made out of a kinda hyped up/famous psych/folk record.. The samples are pitched around and MAD chopped up, so when I listen to the sample again now, I really can’t tell which parts I used for the beat. The beat also has two very different kicks drums in it, which gives it more personality. The bassline is nice & simple, and the fluting keys on the hook is DOPE. We also added some background sounds/noise on it (that was’nt there in ‘07) when we put together our part. Next up is “In Shalahh (Bollyhood)”, one of our many bollywood beats, but I think this one right here — is the hardest. Nice vocal samples, a trigged wierd guitar sound (panned forth and back during the whole song) + a killer bassline and pounding kicks. Check it out. “Untitled ‘09″ was off course done in ‘09, of course on the SP. Kinda wierd beat, with a little magical/wizard type feel to it. I like the bassline a lot, I like the chops, and I like the vocals on the hook. There’s another beat we made out of the same sample featured on SP Shit Volume 4, but it’s pitched and chopped different, and has a whole another vibe to it. This one sounds better thou. The last track on the set is called “Knock Knock” and was also featured on SP Shit 4, so some you might recognize this one. This one is very boom-bap. Chopped jazz guitars, bongos, boombap drums plus a killer bassline. This is the crew’s drunk-freestyle-beat. Always. The project is mastered by Christian Obermayer from Strype Audio.

Snippets on iTunes:

Snippets / tracks on Spotify:

To order a copy, if you live outside of Norway:
– You have to pay me through paypal ( ).
– The price for one record is 22 USD.
– The price for three copies is 60 USD.
– To also get Ivy League – The Brains EP (snippets posted earlier) add 20 USD extra.
– To get a bonus Fredfades & Blame One 45 (from 2008) with four tracks, add 5 USD extra.
– Shipping for 1-5 copies/records will be: 15 USD.

If you live in Norway / Hvis du bor i Norge:
– Skiva koster 150 spenn.
– Ivy League – The Brains EP koster 150 spenn, snippets er postet nedenfor tidligere.
– Fredfades & Blame One 45en fra 2008 koster 50 spenn.
– Du kan overføre penger direkte til bankkontoen min.
– Du kan sende meg penger i konvolutt.
– Du kan møte meg i Oslo.
– Du kan få tilsendt 1-3 kopier i posten for 55 kr.

Contact me this way:
– Phone: (+47) 48 19 66 90
– Email:

So, what I want you to do is: Peep the snippets/music on iTunes or Spotify and get at me if you want the vinyl.
If you wanna buy it digital, it’s all good, I assume you don’t have a recordplayer. If you got a recordplayer, please support us!



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