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Bama The Village Poet – Ghettos Of The Mind

April 4th, 2008 Posted in Funk/Soul

Bama The Village Poet – Ghettos Of The Mind
Aware/Chess, 1972.

Bama The Village Poet - Ghettos Of The Mind LP

I went downtown to dig for some records yesterday, and while i was diggin’ through some records, I met one of the GoodshitRadio/Skuret hangouts and had a talk with him. He was kinda disappointed cause I have not done any updates in a while. That gave me the feeling that some people is actually checkin´my blog, and I promise to step the whole game up. E told me he´s checkin it frequently too, and he’s probably tryin to check the blog for new shit right now, so Im finally putting up some new shit for you.


This is a record with of a black dude hatin’ made on the society/system/world we live in. For me, this records is kind of a one tracker/two tracker. Its a good soul/funk/poetry lp, but im really not deep into any of these genres. But i like the track justice isnt blind alot, so that´s the reason why im postin it. Badass drums, badass bass, badass guitars, badass rhodes, plus a cowbell and a black hater threwn in makes it lots doper. BTW, Im postin’ from my GFs house, so not any personell listing this time. The track “I got soul” is my 2nd favourite from this LP.

Bama The Village Poet – Justice Isn´t Blind



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