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November 6th, 2009 Posted in 45s, Braex, Exclusive, Fredfades, Funk/Soul, Jazz/Fusion, Library/Ost, Mixes, Psych/Prog, Uncategorized


Aight.. My newest diggintape..This one is kinda different from the ones.. This one is actually avaliable as a hardcopy version splitted into tracks. This one has loads of international music on it, with tracks from India, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Canada, America, Poland, Japan, Sweden, United Kingdom & Israel. All types of music like funk, soul, disco, jazz, fusion, folk, soundtracks, bollywood music, mod, psych, prog & exotica. I don’t have any library on it this time, and reason why is because I’ve bought tons of libraries lately, but I am saving them up for a upcoming library tape. I don’t have any brazilian stuff on this tape either.. Reason why: They good brazilian ones are’nt really just laying around in Oslo.. And I have’nt been outside of Norway since the Portland trip.. By the way.. There’s a couple of leftovers from the Portland tape here aswell. Records I wanted to include in the tape, but did’nt get in cause I had to much music in there already… There’s some originals on this tape aswell. Originals for tracks by Fredfades & Deckdaddy, DJ Premier/Cee-Lo, Madlib/Quasimoto, Alchemist, Damu the Fudgemunk/Y Society, DJ Babu, Evidence/Dilated Peoples, Kankick, RZA/Wu-Tang, Outcast, Three-Six-Mafia, 9th Wonder/Little Brother, Edan, ANT/Felt +++.

This time also avaliable as a hardcopy version. Get at me! Paypal 25 USD to for a hardcopy version of the mixtape plus worldwide shipping!

So… Hardcopies avliable for sale in a few days..
But for now, here’s the mp3 file:


(Right click/Option click & Save as / Save target as).



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