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August 18th, 2009 Posted in 45s, Beats, Exclusive, Fredfades, Hiphop, Mixes, News, SP1200, Uncategorized


So… Finally, here we go… The long awaited Ivy League EP is here. “The Brains EP”. Vinyl only, limited to 300 copies. It arrived yesterday and I had to drive all over the bay in Oslo to find the fucking warehouse who had them. The EP is a collaboration between The Oslo SP Ensemble (which is Fredfades, Deckdaddy & John Rice) and Ivy League. It is released on my own, newly started label Reppin Outta Control. Most of the people who check my blog might know Deckdaddy & John Rice. You might not know Ivy League thou. He is a super skilled norwegian rapper, rapping in english. We teamed up about a year ago, and here’s the result. A six track long EP on vinyl, with instrumental versions for all the tracks. The quality on the vinyl is superb, and the sound aswell – It’s mastered by Christian @ Strype Studios in Oslo… Thanks Christian. The whole EP is produced on the legendary SP1200, and all raps are recorded between the shelves in my vinyl storage room on a cheap microphone. But it still sounds super crisp, cause we know how to listen to music and how to mix our own shit. By the way.. I also did the design for the EP.

01. Nunchuckz
02. What Up Walt Whitman
03. Street Sharks & Biker Mice
04. Necessities
05. Travels Of Ed Grieg
06. I Hate People

If you wanna peep the snippets/the promomix, here you go:

(Right click / Option click & Save as / Save target as…)

To order a copy, if you live outside of Norway:
– You have to pay me through paypal ( ).
– The price for one record is 20 USD.
– The price for three copies is 50 USD.
– To get a bonus Fredfades & Blame One 45 (from 2008) with four tracks, add 5 USD extra.
– Shipping for 1-5 copies/records will be: 15 USD.

If you live in Norway / Hvis du bor i Norge:
– Skiva koster 150 spenn.
– 3 kopier for 400 spenn.
– Fredfades & Blame One 45en fra 2008 koster 50 spenn.
– Du kan overføre penger direkte til bankkontoen min.
– Du kan sende meg penger i konvolutt.
– Du kan møte meg i Oslo.
– Du kan få tilsendt 1-3 kopier i posten for 55 kr.

Contact me this way:
– Phone: (+47) 48 19 66 90
– Email:

So, what I want you to do is: Kick back, relax, check out the snippets and figure out if you wanna order the EP or not.



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