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August 18th, 2009 Posted in 45s, Braex, Exclusive, Fredfades, Funk/Soul, Jazz/Fusion, Library/Ost, Mixes, News, Psych/Prog


So, here we go.. This was supposed to be released on a CD.. But seriously, fuck that. I feel like sharing it on my blog… I went to Portland with my friend Lars this summer, and of course we bought shitloads of records.. This mix is made out of 50% of the records I got when I was over there.. I also included a few records I got right before and right after the trip, but almost everything on here is from the Portland trip. Speacial thanks to Lars, Ryan, Colton, Kevin, Brian, DJ Kez & Dundiggy for the great time we had over there.. Thanks to Ryan, Colton & My girlfriend for hooking me up with some of the records. The mix includes jazzy stuff, funky stuff, soulful stuff, library music, brazilian records, turkish records, american records, european records, and other wierd shit. Everything you hear is originals. No reissues.There’s also some blends in the mix. You should be able to hear this..

If you wanna see pictures from the trip, go to this link: Fredfades Portland Pics 09

The mix is build up by chapters/parts:

01. Intro/60’s Rock-chapter.
02. For the Rappers/Breakbeat-chapter.
03. For the Jazzcats.
04. For the Dancers/Groove-chapter.
05. For the LAte Nights/Chillout-chapter.

As usual, I am not putting up any tracklist, but if I ever do the hardcopy version I was thinking of doing, I will include a complete tracklist.

Here’s the file:

(Right click / Option click & Save as / Save target as..)

I hope you guys enjoy the mix..



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