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Hysear Don Walker – Complete Expressions (1)

February 22nd, 2008 Posted in Funk/Soul, Jazz/Fusion

Hysear Don Walker – Complete Expressions (1)
Brunswick, 1970.

Hysear Don Walker - Complete Expressions (1)

I dont think this record is as good as volume two, I mean. Everyone who actually have heard Poo-Joo know that its hard to compete with that record. And it got a break aswell (hah). I will post it on the blog later, I just thought that I should start with volume one, you know?.. All the tracks are written by the man himself, Hysear Don Walker, except from the last track, “Dear Prudence” which is a Beatles cover, and is written by Lennon & McCartney. It has a nice rhodes & triangle intro, and after a while, a bass guitar comes in as well. After a minute, the whole groove is coming in. Dope ass drums with a 60s sound over them. The rhodes and bassguitars are jamming, while the bongo man plays a steady groove. It goes on like this for a while, and the drummer is playing lots with his rides too. A cool and laidback track it is. But the standout track from this LP must be “Inner Face”.. the last track on the first side. This track has the most serious tambourine game I´ve ever heard. and it also has that great, light, but steady 60s sound on the drums, as the rest of the LP). The track is starting with a rhodes solo, a lullaby type of melody.. This melody is the “breakdown” in the song, and it comes in several times, and each time, the tambourine drops out. And when the break is done, the tambourine and drums kicks in again, and make the the groove going on again. I like the way they composed it, changeup wize. It´s kinda loop based – like a hiphop thing. I love the whole LP, it is some of the most soulful records I´ve ever heard. And for the dudes out there who only heard Volume 2.. You dont need to worry about the frickin harmonica on this one. REPEAT: IT IS NO HARMONICA ON THIS LP.. Wonder why they layed that shit down on almost all the tracks on Vol 2?.. Oh.. By the way. I got a dope Hysear Don Walker & The Complete Expressions 45 also, which isnt included on the LPs. It sounds like more like some big soul stuff, but its still pretty cool. So stay tuned.

Hysear Don Walker – Inner Face

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